On May 12, Emma Morano from Italy became the world’s oldest living person and also the last verified living person born in the 19th century.  Her age will definitely be a surprise to many as it took her a century plus a decade to earn the record-breaking position. She is now 116.

Surrounded by relatives and friends, Morano greeted the news with a smile. “I am doing fine —116!” she replied the well-wishers from her bed, on last Friday.

“I finished school and I went to work. I used to sing. I had a beautiful voice,” she added, summing up her life in a frail voice.

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Emma Morano 116 Year Old- The Oldest Living Person of the World

When asked about the secrets of her long life, Ms. Morano quoted her ‘Single’ marital status as one of her primary reasons.

Calling off an unhappy marriage in a way helped her live so long, Morano told the The New York Times . She parted away from her husband in 1938 followed by the death of her infant son.  She revealed she had plenty of suitors after that, but never chose to get married again. “I didn’t want to be dominated by anyone,” she said.  Morano worked at a factory and then as a cook, and continued working until she was 75 — 41 years ago.

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Apart from her prolonged single-hood, there is one more key to her longevity. It involves raw eggs, which she has been eating — three per day — since her teens when a doctor recommended them to counter anemia. Assuming she has been true to her word, Emma Morano would have eaten around 100,000 eggs in her lifetime, give or take a thousand, cholesterol be damned.

The Italian super centenarian lives alone in a small lakeside town near the Switzerland border and  still shuffling around her tiny two-room apartment .

Born on Nov. 29, 1899 the Verbanian native was declared as the senior-most lady alive of current time, after the death of American woman Susannah Mushatt Jones. msn reports.

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