It has been a century that the Antikythera Mechanism was recovered off the coast of Greek Island Antikythera. The ancient analog computer believed to be 2000-year old baffled the researchers to figure out what it actually was.

Well, after decades of study, researchers finally unravelled about the mechanism. And it turned out that it is the world’s oldest mechanical computer found today, reports Seeker.

The epitome of high-tech ancient mechanism, the computer was used for astrological and philosophical purposes.It was close-fitted in a wooden cabinet having a lot of brass gears.

“It was not a research tool, something that an astronomer would use to do computations or even an astrologer to do prognostications, but something that you would use to teach about the cosmos and our place in the cosmos,” said Alexander Jones, a professor of the history of ancient science at New York University in a report by

“It’s like a textbook of astronomy as it was understood then, which connected the movements of the sky and the planets with the lives of the ancient Greeks and their environment,” he added.

The device is now divided into 82 pieces. Some tiny texting, as much as 1.2 millimetres of size, was found inscribed on the pieces. And scientists have successfully decoded some 3,500 characters of the text, which were earlier indiscernible. The decoded text was a sort of user manual for the computer.

“Now we have texts that you can actually read as ancient Greek, what we had before was like something on the radio with a lot of static,” said Jones.

“It’s a lot of detail for us because it comes from a period of which we know very little about Greek astronomy and essentially nothing about the technology, except what we gather from here,” he said. So these very small texts are a very big thing for us.” he added.