Before we ushered in the New Year it had already been quite clear that the year 2016 would indeed be dedicated to virtual reality, with the technology receiving a nod from developers, publishers and gamers alike.

Now, avid players will also be witnessing plenty of launches of the VR headsets through the year. The industry sure has come a long way from the technology being absolutely unheard of until a couple of years ago. One of the many major VR headsets to debut this year happens to be the Oculus Rift, gearing up for a March 28 release for gamers who have pre-ordered, as noted by Screen Rant.

Earlier reports revealed that the pre-ordered merchandise will arrive with two titles including “Eve: Valkyrie” and “Lucky’s Tale,” much to the delight of ardent gamers. And now there’s more, Oculus has revealed the complete list of launched games and a demo to go with it. The list of launch titles includes the fast-paced “Project CARS” to “Adventure Time.” There is a total of 30 titles in the complete roaster of Rift games, which will be “available day one.” Other titles, read out to be “Dreadhalls,” “Smashing the Battle,” “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes,” “Dead Secret,” amongst others. Players will receive a good mix of adventure, space and mysteries.

As shared on the official blog by the Oculus team, “We’re excited to announce the 30 VR games launching with Rift on March 28! This incredible lineup represents years of work from a global community of developers who are pioneering the future of VR.” The Oculus Rift VR headset wears a price tag of $599 and was quickly sold out when first put for pre-order. The list of titles shared by Oculus will surely push the excitement higher, for the eagerly awaiting fans out there.