NSW Helicopter Crash: Pilot Lost License in 2013 for Dangerous Flying; Kills All Passengers James Penny

A helicopter crash in New South Wales has killed all its passengers on board. According to reports, the pilot had a record of license suspension two years ago after being involved in dangerous flying incidents.

The incident on the helicopter crash was reported late Monday, as confirmed on The Sydney Morning Herald. Three environmentalists perished in the crash involving a modified EC135 helicopter. Its owner, landscape photographer and former millionaire businessman Richard Green, his wife and graphic artist, Carolyn, and their filmmaker friend John Davis died in the incident.

The site mentioned that Green’s license was suspended for six months in 2013 due to “unnecessary manoeuvres.” He was involved in four dangerous flying incidents in a year wherein he almost collided with another aircraft. In another incident, Green struck a power line which caused damage to his helicopter.

Last Saturday, Green and his two companions attended an event in Breeza, Tamworth. Former independent MP Tony Windsor spoke with the three environmentalists during the event. He mentioned that the trio even made a dramatic exit before taking off for Sydney.

“They had come to learn about this magnificent piece of country. They went out of their way to do that so it’s tragic to think [the crash] happened on the back of their concerns for other people,” Windsor said.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the police found it difficult to retrieve the bodies due to the rough terrain of the crash site. The wreckage was found in the Watagans National Park, a mountainous terrain in Southern Cessnock. The crash site was also reported to be 280km South of Tamworth, where the three environmentalists took off on Saturday.

Superintendent Craig Jackson said, “It is a fairly rugged location and inaccessible. We are putting rescue police in there.” He confirmed that they need to conduct a thorough examination of the site.

Moreover, it was reported that no emergency signals were made before the helicopter crash. Authorities were only informed when Davis’ wife filed a report on missing persons.

Investigations are ongoing and the wreckage will be examined to determine what caused the helicopter crash. Jackson told the site that they hope to retrieve the bodies before the day ends.

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