North Korea Claims Success in Testing Ballistic Submarine-Missile

North Korea

On Sunday, North Korea said that it has efficiently tested a ballistic missile from a submarine. It also boasted of its emerging ability to eliminate its enemies with a “dagger of destruction.”

However, South Korea was not able to confirm the claim of success immediately. This claim marks Pyongyang’s latest work on expanding its military might while facing pressure from its neighbors and Washington.

The announcement was made by North Korea’s state media on Sunday. The declaration was made after they had fired, what appeared to be, a ballistic missile from a submarine off its eastern coast, says South Korean officials.

Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said that the projectile traveled about 30 kilometers (19 miles) Saturday evening. According to The ABC, the distance is much shorter than the basic distance of a submarine-launched ballistic missile, which can fly at least 300 kilometers (186 miles).

North Korea has fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile. Kim Jong Un has stated that Pyongyang has nuclear warhead miniaturization capabilities. Now the world and western media outlets don't think that North Korea isn't such a joke. I still think this nuclear program is a joke. I dunno, sure seems like this missile would carry a tiny payload. It was planned to fly 300km but only flew 30km (19 miles). Look how tiny that stupid thing is. They have a larger missile that could carry a large nuclear warhead 850 miles, but even that missile program is mad ghetto. Its odd to look at these images; between the low-res film filmstock that the DPRK filmed this test launch with and image compression, this shit looks like the 1950s US military test footage. #MADGHETTO South Korea is alarmed by the implications of North Korea holding nuclear-capable missiles of any range, but does anybody actually think that these lunatics would actually launch a nuclear weapons at a sovereign nation? Pyongyang would be turned into the world's largest Korean BBQ by the inevitable US-led coalition and then South Korea would march in and stomp all over the malnourished North Korean Army and their stupid WW2 era garbage military equipment. Then unification could finally commence. // #KOREA #NORTHKOREA #DPRK #SOUTHKOREA #NUKE #NUCLEAR #MISSILE #LAUNCH #DMZ #PYONGYANG #KIMJONGUN

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South Korean experts are not convinced that North Korea is currently owning an operational submarine that can fire multiple missiles. However, they agree to the fact that the North is eventually becoming progressive on such technology.

This latest development is quite horrific as successful operational submarine-missiles can be dangerous in the hands of North. If North Korea masters the ability to fire missiles from submerged vessels it would be quite hard for outsiders to detect what North Korea is upto before launching.

Simultaneously, it will also give North the potential to surprise its enemies, says Mashable.

The North’s Korean media said that leader Kim Jong Un had observed the act from the test facility while the ballistic missile was launched from a submarine.

The missile threw out a “massive stream of flames” as it penetrated into the sky and met all technical boundaries.

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Kim Jong Un declared after the test that North now has another strong method of nuclear attack.

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US military forces are more vigilant currently, while being seduced by North Korean provocations. The US said that they are fully committed to work and cooperate with South Korea and Japan to maintain security.

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