A new virtual reality camera from Nokia is now available for pre-order but the price tag is a bit heavy.

Variety reports that the Nokia Ozo, announced by the company earlier this year, retails at $60,000. Units of the pricey gadget will be shipped at the first quarter of 2016.

The website offers an overview of the specifications of the virtual reality camera.

In matters of storage, Variety reports that the Ozo’s 500 GB media storage modules can contain up to 45 minutes of video. Meanwhile, the device is also equipped with a camera with eight spherically placed lenses that is capable of recording video with 2K by 2K resolution.

Along with the camera, Variety also reports that the Ozo comes with eight integrated microphones that will be able to record audio at an optimum capacity.

Meanwhile, The Verge reports that through the Ozo, Nokia has found a new opportunity to reinvent itself.

The website quotes Nokia Technologies President Ramzi Haidamus in saying:

“When I joined in September of 2014, I was tasked with coming up with a new strategy for Nokia Technologies. It was a very early prototype; a lab rat. But the video 3D accuracy, and the audio accuracy were phenomenal, even at that stage. And I knew we had a winner, because if you were to think of the market that’s being disrupted, introducing a brand new medium, we were catching it at the right time.”

Fortune also highlights that although Nokia has a lot of competitors in the virtual reality market, it is still able to set itself apart since the content creation aspect is an untapped field.

The website also reports that the company’s VR camera is being positioned as a device that will suit professional content creators; hence, the company is opening a Hollywood office to strengthen its involvement in this market.

The Nokia Ozo can be purchased at the company’s official website.