“No Man’s Sky” is by far one of the most highly anticipated games of the year.  And naturally so, it takes the top slot on every ardent gamers’ must-have list.

With the launch date of the title coming close, the team is hard at work as indicated by Sean Murray’s work hours, revealed on his official Twitter account. He shared, “just stepped away from my screen after 20 hours full steam.” This just goes to show how much stress the team may be undergoing just to meet the deadline of the most-awaited game.

In the latest tweet, he shared how things have been moving along well and that he will manage “an hours” worth of sleep.

As noted by Design&Trend, it has been a long time since we heard a peep about what’s happening in the studio gearing up to bring us “No Man’s Sky.” Which in this case is good, as Murray’s tweets revealed to all ardent gamers that the crew is working hard to bring out the title on the set date.

And avid players are counting down days to get lost in the universe with 18 quintillion planets. It is also the mystery surrounding what’s exactly is in store for them that’s keeping fans on their toes. It is known that, players may have to head to the “center of the limitless map” where they will be aided by equipment and other upgrades to get into the deadly areas within the universe. We would have probably seen some teaser or clips for any other major release by now, but it is the silence around the title which is only pushing the curiosity further.

No Man’s Sky” is expected to launch in June 2016 on Play Station 4 and PC. Share your thoughts in the comments section below on whether “No Man’s Sky” will manage to stick to the deadline and the title will indeed be rolled out sometime in June 2016.