With the promise of unlimited gaming exploration, one title emerged as one of this year’s most anticipated games. However, recent reports suggest that devs may have a problem with one aspect they used in its development. Will this problem affect the much-awaited No Man’s Sky release date?

No word on this so far, but the problem seems to be a serious one. The issue pertains to the disapproval of another company in No Man’s Sky devs’ usage of a formula used in the game’s creation. A patent is involved with this formula which makes things more complicated.

The report comes from GameSpot, which relays details of the potential trouble for Hello Games and Sean Murray.

No Man’s Sky release date postponed?

According to the gaming website, Professor Jonathan Gielis created the formula in question back in the early 2000s. GameSpot offers the background as follows.

“The formula is incredibly powerful: it provides a cheap (that is, it uses limited computer resources) way to create landscapes, which means that 3D modelers and, as it happens, game developers like Hello Games can use it to quickly and easily generate land.”

Just right after its development, the formula was patented both to the European Union and the United States.

With the patent in place, this begs the question on whether Hello Games was allowed to use the formula in the first place.

If the statement from Genicap–Gielis’ company–be observed, it seems that the No Man’s Sky release date is safe for now. The statement was issued to Eurogamer by the Dutch company. A close read at it appears that Genicap is impressed with the work Hello Games has done. Nevertheless, the statement also seems to indicate that Genicap is keen on meeting Hello Games to talk about certain matters.

With the proper negotiations, it appears that the two companies will come at an amenable agreement. Hence, only time will tell how talk between the two parties turns out.

If everything goes smoothly, gaming fans can expect the No Man’s Sky release date to stick to August 9, 2016. Stay tuned for more updates on this development.