‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date on Oct 27? Demo Gameplay Revealed

Facebook/No Man's Sky

Considered to be one of the best original gameplays to be released in 2015, “No Man’s Sky” has been rumored to be released on October 27.

The science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy has been detailed to achieve life-like terrain using Math and the makers believe that there is more to it than just the set of algorithms designed to govern it.

As Techno Buffalo notes, the game was first announced two years ago and it is up for a surprise release as early as Oct 27. One Amazon customer reportedly seen the release date set for before the end of October. If rumors are to be believed, the much-awaited video game is just weeks away from hitting stores and consoles.

Sources believe that if the release of the game takes too long, both Sony and Hello Games will stand a chance of risking exhaustion. They have been pushing the game for quite a while now and people could loose interest in the game.

Managing Director of Hello games and chief Designer, Sean Murray, said during a “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” guesting, “What we are trying to do is to make an entire universe, and then we are gonna set people to loose on it. By the time anyone has explored all the planets in No Man’s Sky, the Sun might have burned out.”

According to Christian Today, the fact that Murray made an appearance on the show suggests that the makers are planning for a release very soon. Reports have also confirmed the release of “Halo 5: Guardians” on the same date and there should be some tough competition.

Techno Buffalo suggests that the idea of a surprise release may not be such a good idea, writing that “Typically a game’s release involves setting a firm release date months ahead of time, announcing collectors editions, season passes, beta tests and things like that to get the proverbial  hype train running at full stream.”

We have seen more or less everything in the preview and with much anticipation from gamers, it seems like the best option for developers to release the game very soon.

During the guesting, Murray also released a new preview for the game plus other game features. Christian Today noted that “players can name the creatures and even the planets if they were the first one to discover them.”

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