No Man’s Sky” has been one of the most anticipated games in the recent years. Ever since the developers discussed generating a “digital cosmos” through the science of procedural generation, we could not help but ask, “When is it releasing?”

The developers had been postponing the release date for quite a while now. Even speculations  that the game might not even release were ripe. But Sean Murray the chief architect of Hello Games finally put all rumours to rest, the previous month.

Murray took to the official PlayStation Blog to finally reveal the release date of the most awaited game of the year. Here is an excerpt from his blog.

“Hello PlayStation.Blog! I’m Sean Murray from Hello Games, part of the team making No Man’s Sky, with some exciting news for you: No Man’s Sky is launching on June 21st!”

But what about the game’s fate? Will it work? Or will it flop?

One of the patient fans asked Sean Murray on twitter whether the game would be a flop or not to which the chief architect had no reply. He stayed mum, noted Design and Trend.

Check out the full conversation below.

The source quoted, “For most game designers, such a direct and negative question probably wouldn’t be addressed at all, but Murray replied to the inquiry in the most honest way possible.”

“Despite investing so much money and effort into the universe he’s created, even Murray appears willing to express some ironic ambivalence about how fans will react to the end result. Others have suggested that the response is sarcastic altogether.”

According to Red Bull, Sean Murray also talked about the nervous beginning. He said, “We were incredibly nervous. We were sitting on a plane to California and no one said a word for 13 hours.”

“To be honest, I tried hard to pull the game from the [VGA] show. I felt like the timing wasn’t right. As a proud dad, you never feel like the time is right to show your baby to the world. But Geoff convinced us to do it anyway.”