Ardent gamers are sure going to enjoy this piece of information about what is said to be a new gaming console, the Nintendo NX.  The details about it have been tightly kept under wraps.

It turns out that Dual Pixels got its hands on an image, which could probably be a controller for the new console by Nintendo. As noted by Tech Radar, the image shared resembles a patent design by  that had been registered by Nintendo.

While this could very well be a prototype, what the gamers would find in-the-box may not end up looking like the controller in the image.  It could also just be a testing variant, but it sits well with what fans would expect. So, the controller may feature physical buttons along with touch as well as motion controls.

If the rumors are anything to go by then the images on the controller will have the ability to change based on the title gamers are playing at the given moment. Now, what this does is gives the controller the ability to display “context-sensitive buttons” that change according to the actions players is required to make. Whispers around the streets also suggest that the Nintendo gaming console could bring some high-end features including 4K video streaming capability.

Not much is known about the new Nintendo gaming console. But the word out there suggests it could well be something innovative, bringing gamers a combination of features from the handheld video games to the gaming consoles.

However, take this information with a huge pinch of skepticism since there is no way to verify the leak. Naturally so, Nintendo is not dropping any hints and remained silent on the topic, with the spokesperson telling Dual Pixes, “Nintendo does not comment on rumours or speculation.”

So, it’s just a wait and wait for news about the game from here on. So check back, in case more details spills out and the mystery unfurls.