“Miitomo”, the first mobile game of Nintendo, was unveiled in Japan on March 17, proving its popularity right from the beginning, after reaching over 1 million users within three days following its release.

The “Miitomo” mobile game app is a free-to-start experience which allows the users to start a unique type of conversation with friends by using Mii characters. According to Nintendo, the characters were initially introduced in the Wii gaming system as the avatars, which could be customized through the wide range of physical features, reflective of the physical form of the user.

With “Miitomo”, the same type of customization is applied in this game app, adding the use of a mobile camera in making the avatar. Some other ways of customizing the Wii characters include providing of nicknames, giving new physical features through accessories and costumes bought via the game store and altering their manner of speaking and movements.

Once satisfied with the Mii characters, the users can now start adding their friends by connecting the “Miitomo” apps or by linking the game to their Twitter or Facebook accounts. When this is done, they can already start the conversations, with the app giving fun questions which can turn discussions into a fun, playful experience.

Meanwhile, “Miitomo Drop” is the minigame of “Miitomo”, where the user can drop a Mii character in the playing field. This character will bounce around, falling to different platforms, which can earn a prize for the user, depending on where the Mii character will land. However, this minigame will require Miitomo coins acquired when the user plays the app, uses the game tickets earned as daily bonuses or through purchase.

In addition,  the users will also be allowed to make images called Miifotos. Through Miifotos, the Mii characters can be placed into images by combining the stamps, backgrounds and fonts.

“Miitomo” will be released in the US today, March 31, The Verge reported.