“The Night Manager” premiered in the United Kingdom and earned outstanding reviews. That’s not surprising since the six-part miniseries was adapted from the novel of the same title and written by John le Carre aka David Cornwell. On top of that, its powerhouse cast includes Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston plus the lavish production takes viewers to luxurious locations around the world.

Kristi Turnquist from The Oregonian cited the six-part miniseries as the best thriller of this year. She described it as a “sexy, sleek, international espionage thriller” that combines the wit of a John le Carre novel and the appeal of James Bond.

Watching “The Night Manager” was “pure pleasure,” Turnquist remarked. She noted Hiddleston’s striking appearance in the lead role. She also praised Laurie’s portrayal as the story’s cunning and ruthless villain. For his performance, the LA Daily News cited The Guardian’s review of Laurie’s character as the “best worst man.”

Even Laurie noted how Richard “Dicky” Roper stood out in the book for his villainy. The actor is well known for his role as Gregory House but Roper is very different from his character in the medical drama.

“Decades of research. I lived it,” Laurie said when asked what it took to play his role in “The Night Manager”.

According to executive producer Stephen Garrett, Hugh Laurie was the first choice to play Roper. However, Laurie earlier envisioned himself in the role of Tom Hiddleston. The actor confessed he fell in love with the novel when it came out.

“Back then I admit I harbored fantasies of playing the Night Manager himself. And unfortunately, 20-odd years go by and I’m out of the running for that after my hair fell out,” Laurie revealed. All the same, his performance as Roper is equally charming and menacing, New York Daily News commented.

Despite the clamour for Season 2, both Hiddleston and Laurie ruled out the possibility. Both actors believe the story is already complete.

“The Night Manager” premieres April 19 on AMC.