Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorced? Couple Living Apart?

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Divorce

Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban divorced? The latest rumor claimed that the couple is mow living apart.

News about this celebrity couple’s separating have been rampant. Their separation, as per the reports, would be an addition to the statistics.

According to Woman’s Day Mag (via Celeb Dirty Laundry), Kidman and Urban have not spent time together for around two months. The magazine wrote further that the pair’s family and friends also confirm the separation.

“You have to wonder if there are fresh problems in their marriage, especially as they always make a big noise about how they hate spending time apart,” another source claimed. “There have been plenty of opportunities for them to be together lately and they certainly haven’t been rushing into each other’s arms.”

The website stated as well that they are committed more to their careers rather than their relationship. Kidman is busy in red carpet events for her movie Lion while Urban is touring to promote his album Ripcord.

This does not only affect their marriage but also their presence for their kids. They have two lovely children- Sunday Rose, 8, and Faith, 5.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are yet to confirm the speculations. However, the media outlet wrote that one of them already broke the silence.

As per the report, the country singer has been open about their real status. He said that the actress is “controlling and overbearing.”

He also said, according to CDL, that Kidman is not as supportive as a wife unlike before. Hence, the possibility of a divorce may be high.

However, the 48-year old singer opened up about writing songs about their struggles on Urban Mag (via Soap Crush). He said that it is normal for couples to experience difficulties.

Previously, a report also claimed that they may be heading to splitsville and Collin Farell could be the reason. Neither Nicole Kidman nor her husband confirmed the report.


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