Nick Jonas, Kate Hudson Relationship Confirmed by Singer? Couple Has ‘Unbelievable Connection’?

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Nick Jonas has grown up to become one of Hollywood’s serial daters. His recent fling was the subject of conversation during his appearance at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen DeGeneres asked Nick about his current status, to which the singer replied that he is currently single. His declaration drew loud cheers from the audience, but Ellen wasn’t buying it. When Nick asked if Ellen believed him, Ellen shook her head to say no.

Actress Kate Hudson was then brought up, whose rumoured romance with the 23-year-old “Close” singer made headlines in recent weeks. “She’s great,” Nick said when asked how Kate was doing. “We had a group dinner the night before the Met Gala. With lots of people. She was there and I was there.”

“Whatever,” Ellen jokingly replied.

According to The Daily Mail, Nick and Kate’s rumoured relationship caused public frenzy after he was asked by Complex Magazine in February if he was having sex with the actress.

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“Kate’s incredible. We had an unbelievable connection as two humans who just admire things about each other, and see something in each other that’s beautiful,” Nick said. However, he did not confirm if they were having sex.

Nick Jonas also opened up about cancelling his shows with Demi Lovato in North Carolina to show their opposition towards the controversial House Bill 2. The said bill was slammed for discriminating the LGBT community and depriving them of their basic rights and protection.

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“We are very aware of our strong LGBT community fan base and the support they’ve given us and the support we want to give them,” explained Nick, Billboard quotes. “And this was a time where I feel like we said we have to make a bold statement, put our foot down and stand firm in something we believe in.” The North Carolina leg of the “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” was supposed to take place in Raleigh and Charlotte.

On the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Nick also performed his latest single entitled “Close.”

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