Nick Jonas has a new “Bacon” video featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The video shows Jonas visiting a diner for late night fried eats. While the video makes many feel okay about midnight bites, others believe that the video is wrong on a different level.

What can go wrong with visiting a diner, indulging in some greasy fried food, and having a great time? The video sees the singer and the boys at the diner for a delish treat. However, things turn into on big party as lights flicker and others join in with the foot tapping. Jonas’ new video “Bacon” has critics pointing out that the video flouts food safety rules in the process of being cool.

According to MTV, the first offense happens when Jonas just picks bacon off a person’s table and puts it on somebody else’s pancakes. He even helps himself with some bites taken from other people’s plates.

Later on, the fun video shows him interacting with the chef. Jonas gets some fried stuff on two plates and puts his face too close to them. We hope he just smelled the bacon and did not lick it. He gets the plates out to share with everyone in the diner.

The video is exclusively available on Tidal. According to Just Jared, fans will be able to watch the entire video only if they have a Tidal subscription. Those who haven’t subscribed already will have to make do with a 30-second preview.

Billboard states that “Bacon” is the third single from his album titled “Last Year Was Complicated.” The sizzling pork delight video comes after “Chainsaw” and “Close” that featured Tove Lo. Nick Jonas was also recently in the news for his comments about Selena Gomez, whom he dated earlier. ANN reported that the singer feels that his fellow Disney alum is a smart girl and her “Revival” album is excellent.