NFL Trade 2015: Peyton Manning Traded? QB Continues to Struggle

Flickr/ Jeffrey Beall

Peyton Manning is definitely struggling and that is evident on the statistics. The legendary passer continues to struggle with his below par performance, failing to score so far in the season.

Manning’s last terrible run came in 2003 when he failed to get his offense through to the end zone.

The Borncos, led by Manning, are averaging 1.7 touchdowns per 60 minutes.

NFL’s Alex Gellar writes, “Manning has struggled mightily this season, posting three single-digit fantasy outings in five games — he only posted three such outings over the previous two seasons. His arm strength and mobility are diminished, and both will likely only get worse as the season gets longer and the weather gets colder.”

The writer added, “He has no running game to lean on behind a patchwork offensive line, and will continue to hurl more pass attempts than he should (he’s already on pace for north of 600) with brutal inefficiency.”

According to Fox Sports, head coach of Broncos, Gary Kubiak, is still vouching for Manning as his starter but these numbers are hard to digest.

Coach Gary Kubiak states, “It’s not fair to put the offense’s struggles squarely on Manning’s shoulders. Peyton’s doing just fine.”.

The “Sheriff” should be traded, sources believe, as he is looking at the twilight of his remarkable career and it is not even crazy to think of replacing him with any backup/rotational running back or wide receiver.

Manning is one of the single-greatest quarterbacks of all time and has carried several teams to victory under his 17 seasons as a center. But the numbers suggest otherwise this season. Critics believe that it is definitely not 2005 anymore, as he has more interceptions than touchdown passes in 2015.

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