NFL 2016: Jerod Mayo Out For Good After Placed on Injured Reserve? Patriots in Trouble

Jerod Mayo

New England Patriots’ linebacker Jerod Mayo has been placed on the injury reserve with a shoulder injury, CBS report has confirmed.

Mayo, a long-term captain, picked up the injury in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and this comes as a huge blow for the Patriots. The 29-year-old suffered the injury in the third quarter of the game.

The linebacker has logged eight starts in 16 regular-season games, with 47 tackles to go with one sack. He missed 10 games in 2013 and 2014 after bouncing back to play a full season the following year.

Last fall, Mayo had undergone a patellar tendon surgery where he lost out on the first half of the season and worked his way into the pecking order.

Mayo has been a part-time starter for the Patriots this season with Don’t’a Hightower and Jamie Collins forming a formidable linebacker group for the NFL team.

The Patriots have been hit with other injuries throughout the season but have somehow managed to reach the playoffs looking to be in good shape. The return of wide receiver Julian Edelman and offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer have also helped the cause.

The Patriots lost Hightower and Collins in the game against Denver due to injury. The reports suggested that their injuries are minor. Although they are the top linebackers in the team, the experienced eight-year veteran Mayo is still considered a key player in the group and is widely respected as one of their leaders.

ESPN also reports that Mayo had a contract restructure before the season, which included a $4 million bonus he would receive at the end of the league year.

New England will face off against Denver Broncos next, as they look to fix a spot in the Super Bowl 50. They are aiming to have a go at a second successive NFL title campaign after they did it first in 2004 and 2005.

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