Charles Woodson treated himself on the eve of his birthday by ending his interception drought against Peyton Manning that almost ran for two decades.

One is great, two is best. This might have been the moto behind Woodson’s idea of intercepting the passes of Manning. On the eve of his 39th Birthday, the 18-year-old veteran had a dream run with his interceptions.

Celebrating his birthday on Wednesday, Woodson’s interceptions came on Sunday as he picked off Manning not once but twice following a 16-10 loss to Denver Broncos, the official NFL website reported.

The San Jose Mercury News quoted him as saying, “You feel like man, if you get one, you’ve got to get two. If you get two, you’ve got to get three.”

He had been eyeing to intercept the Broncos’ quarterback for quite a long time now and his successful interceptions would surely cap of his birthday celebrations.

Woodson’s last interception came in 1997 after bagging the Heisman Trophy against Manning, reported ESPN. On achieving the incredible feat, Woodson was quoted as saying, “It would be great, man. He’s eluded me for 18 years,” Woodson said on NFL Network.

“It would be great. It would be even better if we could come out with the victory. But it would be great to get my hands on one of Peyton’s balls.”

Reacting to Woodson’s achievement, Manning told the official Broncos Website, “Took him 18 years (laughs). Probably offsets the two TDs I threw on him last year. Call it a wash. I’ve known Charles since college. He’s been doing it for a long time. He’s a heck of a player, no doubt about.”

Oakland has yet to beat Broncos since Manning signed with the Broncos in 2012, according to reports. Both star players are moving towards the twilight of their respective careers and it would be interesting to watch both them clashing head to head in Canton.