NFL 2015: Jarryd Hayne, a Failed Experiment? 49ers Should Sack Him?

Facebook/Jarryd Hayne

Legendary Sports Illustrated NFL commentator Peter King hurled scathing remarks against Jarryd Hayne after analyzing his debut in the NFL season. King called for an immediate replacement and felt that the problem should be rectified quickly.

“For the second time in the first six weeks of the season, Hayne fumbled a punt, and the 49ers are not good enough to hand away potential possessions once every three games because they like the former Australian Rugby League player’s potential,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Peter King saying in his article.

He commented that “It was fun while it lasted”, and felt that Hayne’s fumbles were adding undue pressure on the San Francisco 49ers outfit.

Hayne had a terrible start in his NFL career following an impressive start in the pre-season playing for the 49ers and then gaining a place in the 53-man squad. He fumbled too many times and only showed glimpses of his pre-season skills as he failed to block as well as move back into the offense.

There were questions as to why Hayne wasn’t used as a running back following Carlos Hyde and Reggie Bush’s injury concerns, to which King wrote, “Hayne will struggle to hold down his position as punt returner, let alone move back into the offense.”

He also added, “It’ll be interesting to see how coach Jim Tomsula handles the punt-return job going forward.”

The 49ers will take on rivals Seattle Seahawks on Friday with all eyes definitely set on Hayne. The Seahawks was previously inclined to sign Hayne up and was already given tours of the Seahawks’ facilities in Seattle and their games.

The Sacramento Bee quoted Seahawks coach, Pete Caroll saying, “I thought it was an exciting prospect to get Hayne in here. It’s really cool to see that he’s played and he’s contributing and he’s a factor in the games. He’s done some really good stuff.”

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