Saturday, October 01, 2016

Next James Bond: Theo James vs Tom Hiddleston Decision Revealed!

Next James Bond: Theo James vs Tom Hiddleston Decision Revealed!


From a long line-up of prospective replacement for Daniel Craig as James Bond, the list is now down to two names – Theo James and Tom Hiddleston.

It was earlier reported that maybe it was James’ “Hugo Boss” campaign that made him one of the actors considered to take the role from current Craig. James is also on top of the list because he is British and has a perfect built, making him an even more suitable candidate to play the role of the famous spy.

In terms of fan base, James also has the edge because of the “Divergent” movie series. He also appeared in “Underworld: Awakening” and” “Downtown Abbey.” Media TV

However, many are also believed that Hiddleston could be the best fit to replace Craig as 007. The actor is best known for his role as Loki in Marvel movies such as “Thor” and “The Avenger.”

Hiddleston fans argued that the actor is the better choice because of his role in BBC hit series “The Night Manager.” In the series, the actor played a British spy that is parallel to the James Bond role – articulate, charming but deadly, The Guardian noted.

However, despite the impeccable credentials of both actor, director Sam Mendez revealed that the decision on who will replace Craig is still on the hands of one person.

Master Herald quoted Mendez saying: “The truth is – and here’s the headline: it’s not a democracy.” He added that choosing the next Bond could not be compared to the “X Factor,” nor on EU referendum, much more a public vote. The director stressed that the choice of the next James Bond actor is reserved for one woman alone and she is no other than producer Barbara Broccolli.

Mendes says Broccolli has been brilliant in choosing the James Bond actor and we may wait just a little bit more time for her final decision. In 2015, Broccolli is the one who named Craig as the next Agent 007. Craig had earlier announced that “Spectre” would be his last Bond movie.

But who knows? Keep on comparing notes, because we never know Broccolli might seek the wisdom of the fans on this one.

  • Film_nazi

    Yuck neither. Both faggy looking

  • Ben Marrison

    Theo James or Tom Hiddleston?? Where do you get this information? Firstly, Hiddleston has all but ruled himself out by saying nobody has even approached him about the role. According to the latest betting market, he’s second favourite behind Aidan Turner of The Hobbit fame and as for Theo James, he doesn’t even figure in the market. According to the bookmakers, and they’re usually very up to speed with this sort of thing, Barack Obama has a better chance of being the next 007! So, where this nonsense was unearthed is a mystery. Personally, I think Michael Fassbender is the perfect candidate. For those that have seen him in Inglorious Basterds and X-Men: First Class, you will have seen that he embodies that type of role perfectly. He looks and sounds the part and he’s half German, so speaks that language fluently among others. I admit, he could probably afford to put on a few pounds of muscle to continue the physicality aspect of the role created by Daniel Craig, but as we all know these days, that’s not a major feat for actors when there’s such a high profile and lucrative role at stake. As Mendes (with an ‘s’) says, it’s Barbara Brocolli’s sole decision and she rarely goes for the expected. Also, incidentally, what decision has been revealed?? The article clearly states that still, nobody knows! Pure headline sensationalism!

    • Wendy Belhem Martinez Romero

      I wouldn´t change Fassbender a bit for BOND but I wouldn´t say you are wrong either, I like him though my favorite is HIDDLES,
      Tom ruled it out long ago.
      This article is pure speculation and is about HIDDLESTON.Right now,Hiddles is the personality that will guarantee you´ll get attention to your artilce. That explains why Theo who isn´t even on the james Bond map appears on the headline.
      Actually, i prefer seeing this kind of sensationalism instead of them digging on Tom´s private life ,they seem to be either cynical or just plain mean most of the time.