Who will be the next James Bond? Fans have been wondering who is the best fit for Agent 007 since Daniel Craig announced he might leave for good.

While we are still wondering why Craig is still uncertain in the next film, several media outlets continue to update the public on the status of the spy action movie.

So far, the previous reports are betting on Tom Hiddleston as the new Bond. Meanwhile, there is a new buzz that maybe, Aidan Turner will consider the role as well. The 33-year old Irish neither deny nor confirm the rumors on Mirror.

“I’d rather not say anything. It seems like it’s the Judas kiss – once you comment on it, it disappears. It’s hugely coveted. Let’s see how it goes,” quotes the website.

But then, why would the news drag his name into the ongoing list? Turner rose to stardom after playing several roles on TV series and movies such as The Hobbit, Being Human, and Poldark.

Above all, his appearance in the latter may have caught the attention of the viewers, and perhaps the Bond’s producers as well.

According to the actor, it all started when he decided to take his shirt off in one of the scenes. It is not his intention to be “sexually provocative” though, but it sure made an impression on the viewers because of his physique.

There has been no confirmation from the producers on who will be the next James Bond. It is still possible that Craig will decide to go back on the movie.

Meanwhile, an idea of a “female bond” also circulates on the web as well. One of which that digs the idea is Kristen Stewart.

The former Twilight actress has a brilliant idea that there could be a female version of the elusive spy. According to her interview with E! Online, the female agent could start off as Bond’s girlfriend, so the plot would be more interesting.

On the other hand, the only thing that the fans might need to do is to wait for the next James Bond. Stay tuned for more details.