Monday, September 26, 2016

Next James Bond Is Tom Hiddleston? Taylor Swift Won’t Help Him Get Role?

Next James Bond Is Tom Hiddleston? Taylor Swift Won’t Help Him Get Role?

Facebook/Tom Hiddleston


Tom Hiddleston’s relationship with Taylor Swift might not do him any favors to becoming the next James Bond.

The British actor is on the list of likely contenders who could be the next James Bond. The list came about after Daniel Craig’s announcement that Spectre would be his last movie with the franchise. Hence, the list reads like the who’s who of Hollywood—from Damian Lewis to Tom Hardy, Aidan Turner, and of late, James Norton.

The notable performance of Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager earned him a spot on the list as well. His portrayal of an MI6 agent in the television series made it easy for many to envision him as the next 007. Earlier rumors suggested it even impressed Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. However, the British actor remained coy about the possibility. Moreover, he expressed certainty that Daniel Craig would do more films for the franchise in the starring role. Recently, Hiddleston also said he would make a terrible spy if ever it happened.

Regardless of his statements, Hiddleston remained a fan favorite. That is until the world learned about Hiddleswift. Consequently, news of his relationship with Taylor Swift seemed to overshadow discussions about his chances for the coveted role. Kevin Lincoln of Vulture surmised the implication of his current romance. Lincoln pointed out the prestige that comes with playing Bond and cited previous actors who played the role.

“He’s essentially an embodiment of patriarchy, the lance of imperial England. He’s so virile that there’s a whole line of women referred to as Bond Girls. It’s essential to the myth that he’s irresistible and unobtainable, that he moves from woman to woman — and if he falls in love with you, you die. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan were such great Bonds because they conveyed an unflappable independence, an ultimate consistency of self, without contradicting the necessary Bond-ian truisms,” Lincoln wrote.

Thus, his recent escape from an Australian reporter along with his July 4 escapade could affect his chances as the next James Bond.

  • Wendy Belhem Martinez Romero

    Will you cover teh Comic Con?
    Hiddles is going to be there this Saturday 23 ,for Kong Skull Island!!

    About the Bond Rumor, keep doing that ,there is also another rumour about Hiddleston playing SANDMAN , It is almost as good as the Bond one, and also the oen who says he could be The Crow ,and there was some debate years ago if he could also play the Joker, considering that he plays LOKI. (See there is a lot of material). It´s always entertaining. You could do a poll it´s very popular.(I´d would share it with friends if you do, this one I wont since it has a negative aura and also the Hiddleswift thing)
    And ad more pictures of Tom PLEASE . There are hundres of pictures of him!!
    I loved that you added a video of the Night Manager.