The world has gone through several significant political changes in the last few months. This includes the appointment of several new political leaders. Here are some new leaders worth knowing:

Canada: Justin Trudeau

The second youngest prime minister in Canada’s history, Justin Trudeau, comes from a strong political background – his own father was a former prime minister. Hoping to bring real change to Canada, Trudeau is a man of many modern beliefs, such as pro-choice, gender equality and marriage equality. Trudeau aims to strengthen ties with the US, sharing a similar stance on climate change as Barack Obama. Notably, he frequently tops many “world’s sexiest leader” polls, which certainly doesn’t hurt his popularity either.

Argentina: Mauricio Macri

Not only has the very recently elected president ended a 12-year political dynasty, he has also promised the people of Argentina that he will strive to end poverty and build upon relations with neighboring countries such as Chile and Uruguay. Prior to his political career, Macri was a successful businessman, which is reflected in his current goals, as he is hoping to strengthen institutions and introduce more pro-business policies. Embracing the change, the people of Argentina are said to be looking positively toward a fresh new future with Macri.

Australia: Malcolm Turnbull

Australia now has their 29th Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. Whilst he is the fifth prime minister to assume the role in 5 years, Turnbull predicts he will be here to stay. A staunch supporter of LGBT rights, it is predicted and hoped that Turnbull will bring a great deal of change to Australian marriage equality.

Most recently, he has publicly vowed to take a stand against domestic violence in Australia; a serious crime that affects 1 in 4 Australian women. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Turnbull has called on all Australians to make a “cultural shift” and stop disrespecting women, declaring that gender inequality lies at the heart of domestic violence.