The New Zealand flag plays a very important role in connecting with the nation’s past. With the current issues raised regarding a new flag, well-known historian and Professor Paul Moon believes that this action will only damage the country’s history.

According to Moon, the move to change the New Zealand flag will most likely confuse the setting of history. He pointed out that regardless of the current flag’s aesthetic value, it serves as the connection to the nation’s century-old experience and what makes up a New Zealander. He added that changing the flag is like amputating the history, appearing very unpatriotic.

The New Zealand flag replacement will never change the reflection of the people’s identity, according to Moon. He slammed the previous claims that a new flag will have a significant effect on the economy because for him, it is bogus and has no evidence, Maori Television reported.

Moon also pointed out that the identity of the people does not begin over again with a new brand. Rather, it is slowly assembled over generations.  Raising a new national flag can never build a boundary between here and the past, nor should it.

When asked regarding the flag referendum, Moon strongly believes that nothing will change. He believes that the current flag has always served as a companion to all the nation’s memories, providing a setting to the country’s history. As the people of New Zealand have seen through the exercise of changing the flag, they have realized that more things can be lost than gained, Radio NZ reported.

New Zealand flag is about to be decided through a referendum set on Thursday this week. The voting papers have been prepared and will be sent out on the same day, as the public gets to decide whether to stick with the current flag or to change it with the proposed alternative design. The new design will feature the Southern Cross and the Silver Fern.