The New York salt law will not be immediately carried out after a New York Judge postponed its implementation. The law will require food chain restaurants to put a warning beside their menu items containing a high amount of salt.  In reply to this, the National Restaurant Association made an appeal to the suggested rule.

As mentioned in a statement given by The Health Department, the department is dismayed over the fact that the NRA would rather not have the New Yorkers get a very important health warning, NYC Government reported. Although Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Eileen Rakower denied the group’s appeal to challenge the suggested rule on Wednesday, February 24, a judge from the Appellate Division first department granted the momentary stoppage of its enforcement on Monday this week.

New York salt law is reported to be the first of its kind in the country. Under the proposed rules, restaurants with 15 or more branches must place an image of a salt shaker in a black triangle, beside the other menu items with more than 2,300 mg. of salt, the limited amount of salt for every person in a day, according to the federal government.

But for NRA, a group that represents more than 500,000 businesses, the salt law is unlawful and capricious, as it has a lot of nonsense loopholes and illogical exceptions.

In spite of the postponement, the New York City personnel are confident that the rule will still be enforced in the end. The Department of Health also believes that the court will support the salt law because it is a very important attempt to prevent stroke and heart disease.

Meanwhile, New York City also prevented trans fats in the City’s restaurant chains years ago by compelling the businesses to indicate the amount of calories that are present in each food item on their menu, Reuters reported.