New York Fashion Week 2015: Victoria Beckham Encourages Anorexia?

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Victoria Beckham has come under the scanner yet again for Serving the young generation a thinspiration — being a size zero model. The singer/ mode/ designers featured a range of super skinny, almost stick-like models wearing bold colors and prints for her line showcased at the New York Fashion Week 2015.

The show infuriated 15 million of her social media fans who felt that she was setting unrealistic standards of perfection in the minds of young girls who would starve themselves to achieve this chopstick sized body.

According to  Sydney Morning Herald, one follower wrote “another show of skeletons,” while another noted “They don’t look healthy at all.”

“Jesus, why don’t you just get a motorized skeleton to walk down your catwalks and release these poor girls from this bloody torture of having to starve themselves for a job,” one commented added.

This is not the first time she has been criticized for her use of ultra thin models. Earlier, size zero models were banned from her shows but for her 2016 collections she is back with them. She has also been under fire for her super skinny frame but this time she has gone too far for the runway show.

“If the appearance is of an extreme body shape or extreme youth, it still sends out a message to young women that this is what you should look like,” Lorna Garner, chief operating officer of the eating disorder charity B-eat, told The Guardian.

“The fashion industry does not just sell clothes but a whole look and style – and people buy into that.”

Victoria Beckham is not the only designer who has skinny models on her show but she has served as a role model for girls as young as 13 and women as old as 40.

It has been revealed that young women suffering from eating disorders take these types of photos as their inspiration, and the modeling industry should take these types of things seriously.

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