Marvel comic book readers and movie fans alike have been wanting to hear more updates about the reported new “Spider Man” movie and its cast. Well, rumor has it that Spidey’s new villain will be Kraven the Hunter.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the reports all started when Sony’s VP of Creative Affairs Karen Moy (who also runs Sony’s story department for 20 years) had reportedly acquired “Kraven’s Last Hunt” trade paperback on Amazon.

“Why would the head of the story department buy a trade paperback about one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes for anything OTHER than research purposes?” the source asked.

It was also rumored that she had previously shopped books for her ex-boss, Amy Pascal.

While there might be a great possibility that Kraven will be the next baddy, Cinema Blend thinks the other way.

“For starters, by hiring Tom Holland and going after a younger Spider-Man, we’re accepting the fact that the hero isn’t established yet. He’s still finding his way as a crime-fighter…so how would Kraven know about him? Why would hunting and capturing this version of Spider-Man be any sort of prize for the famed Hunter?”

So far, Marvel has kept mum about the new “Spider Man” movie so fans will just have to wait until the next update drops.

In the meantime, here is a brief description about Kraven the Hunter from Heroic Hollywood.

“In the comics, Kraven the Hunter (a.k.a. Sergei Kravinoff) is the world’s greatest big game hunter. Kraven believes that capturing and killing Spider-Man would cement his place in history. He doesn’t use weapons, but has superhuman strength, agility and senses that allow him to take down any prey with just his bare hands.”

Written by J.M DeMatteis and penciled by Mike Zeck,”Kraven’s Last Hunt” is cited as “the greatest Spider-Man story ever told”. With the first print kicked off in 1987, the highly acclaimed comic book is about Peter Parker’s final battle against the villain.

The untitled “Spider Man” reboot is set to be released on theaters in July 28, 2017.