Tom Hardy shut down a reporter who asked about his sexuality at the Toronto Film Festival.

Graeme Coleman of Toronto-based LGBT publication Daily Xtra asked Hardy: “In the film, your character Ronnie is very open about his sexuality. But given interviews you’ve done in the past, your own sexuality seems a bit more ambiguous. Do you find it hard for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?”

Hardy replied, “What on Earth are you on about?”

Coleman tried to clarify his question and cited Hardy’s interview with Attitude magazine in 2008, in which the actor was asked if he ever had a sexual relations with a man.

Hardy told the magazine at the time, “As a boy? Of course I have. I’m an actor for f***’s sake. I’m an artist. I’ve played with everything and everyone,” Us Weekly wrote.

Hardy had since claimed that comment was taken out of context, People magazine noted.

Coleman pressed on the question once more and asked the “Mad Max: Fury Road” actor if he thinks it’s difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality.

“I don’t find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality. Are you asking me about my sexuality?”

When Coleman reluctantly agreed, Hardy asked “Why?” Before the reporter had a chance to answer back, the actor abruptly said, “Thank you.”

Watch the exchange, starting just after the 28-minute mark.

Hardy is rumored to be among the top picks to replace Daniel Craig as the new Agent 007 James Bond. No word yet on when or if this will happen.

The British actor is expecting his first child with Charlotte Riley. The couple tied the knot in 2014.

He has appeared alongside actress Emily Blunt and director Brian Helgeland at the press conference of “Legend” at the Toronto Film Festival over the weekend.

Hardy plays both Ronald and Reginald Kray in the movie. The identical twins were known crime lords in Britain during the 50s and 60s. Ronald Kray was referred to the movie as openly bisexual.

“Legend” is scheduled to be released on October 2.