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New ISIL Video Threatens New York City Attack


ISIS has set its new target, New York. The terrorist group released a propaganda video Wednesday promising more attacks in the wake of last Friday’s coordinated Paris attacks that killed 129 people and left hundreds more injured.

The video, featuring a haunting French chant, repurposed high-quality images from a music video released by the militants last spring.

Images of Times Square, Fifth Avenue, a TGI Friday’s restaurant, and Herald Square slip by, mixed with video of a man zipping his jacket over a suicide belt and building an explosive device, reported CNN.

Several jihadis including a young child address the camera in the newly shot parts of the video, promising to continue the violence against Western targets.

“And we announce to you, Arab and non-Arab tyrants alike, that we will sadden you … we will destroy your thrones and we will crush you with the permission of Allah,” a masked ISIS fighter tells the camera.

The others, including the small child, all praise the “soldiers of the caliphate in France” for carrying out their barbaric attacks.

According to CBS, the NYPD said Wednesday it was aware of a newly released ISIS video that makes reference to Times Square, but also said there was no specific threat to the city.

The video does not show a suicide bomber or militant in New York.

The NYPD said it was aware of the video, and will remain vigilant.

“While some of the video footage is not new, the video reaffirms the message that New York City remains a top terrorist target,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Stephen Davis said in a statement.

“While there is no current or specific threat to the City at this time, we will remain at a heightened state of vigilance and will continue to work with the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the entire intelligence community to keep the City of New York safe,” Davis said. “In addition, we are continuing to deploy additional Critical Response Command (CRC) teams throughout the City, out of an abundance of caution.”

The FBI released a statement echoing that “there is no specific articulable threat to the city at this time” and that the Joint Terrorism Task Force “continues to vigilantly work with NYPD and our other law enforcement partners to keep our community safe and fully investigate any threat information.”

“Stoking fear is the goal of terrorist organizations, but New York City will not be intimidated,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “The NYPD is the most capable police force in the country, with a robust counterterrorism operation that was just strengthened with an investment of 500 additional officers.”

“While Times Square and Herald Square appear in the video, the NYPD in conjunction with all of our partners are taking all necessary security precautions in these areas and areas across the City,” the mayor said. “New Yorkers won’t live in fear and people should continue to go to work, live their lives, and enjoy the greatest city in the world”

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