Australia’s most wanted IS recruiter, Neil Prakash, has died during a US airstrike in Mosul, Northern Iraq.

Prakash used to convince Australians and inspire them to join the ISIS and fight for them. There was a series of assassinations that aimed at killing the IS operatives on April 29. The United States not only confirmed the death of Prakash but also said that an Australian woman, Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammad, was killed during the launch of a separate US airstrike near the Syrian city of Al Bab around 15 days ago. Mohammad was the sister of teen Farhad Jabar who shot police staff Curtis Cheng in Sydney in 2015.

According to the ABC, the death of the IS recruiter was a significant achievement as the man influenced so many Aussies to join the IS group and kill innocent lives. Almost a dozen fighters were killed in the airstrike along with him on Friday. He has remained on the list of security agencies as the most wanted criminal and has been rumoured to be dead before in January. The lone wolf attacks against Western nations, including Australia, were earlier supervised by him. reported that Prakash was a rapper in Melbourne before he converted his religion to Islam. He wrote songs about drugs, sex, and Islam under the name Kree Dafa. Reports have suggested that he left Melbourne and moved to Syria in 2013 where he changed his name from Neil Prakash to Abu Khaled al-Cambodi. His directions and supervision for undertaking attacks all across the globe put him on a US kill list.

The IS recruiter had been involved in the group’s propaganda and released a persuasive propaganda video message 12 months ago that called for attacks in Australia. “My beloved brothers in Islam in Australia, now is the time to rise, now is the time to wake up, now is the time to rush for the (inaudible) Allah has promised you,” he said in the video. “You must start attacking before they attack you. Look how much of your sisters have been violated.”