‘Neighbours’ 2015 Spoilers: Toadie Paralyzed, Daniel Shocks Imogen with Romantic Gesture


“Neighbours” keeps on getting steamier and scandalous.

Daniel Robinson will surprise Imogen Willis with a public romantic gesture this week. However, Imogen will tell Daniel on Tuesday’s episode that their kiss was just a casual moment and he needs to forget about it, Radio Times wrote. Daniel will later realize that he has feelings for Imogen.

DigitalSpy reported teaser indicates Tyler Brennan will confide with Karl Kennedy that his father, Russell, used to beat him.

Lauren confesses her feelings for Brad while Paige will be in danger this week when Joey Dimato becomes threatening. Could Mark Brennan rescue her?

Terese Willis will be seen under pressure when she is accused of having a drinking problem, while his son Josh will receive an indecent proposal from councilor Sue Parker.

These scenes at the Ramsay Street air this week on Channel Eleven in Australia and late August on Channel 5 in the UK.

What are in store for you at “Neighbours” next week?

“Neighbours” character Toadie Rebecchi will be left paralyzed after an accident.

DigitalSpy wrote Toadie will be knocked unconscious when he slips off a jumping castle at an event organized by Naomi Canning.

His loved one felt relief when he wakes up in hospital. But Toadie will later admit that he can no longer feel his legs.

Test results reveal that the accident has aggravated his old gunshot wound he sustained when he was shot in 2006 by Guy Sykes.

The doctors will reveal either the bullet still lodged inside Toadie has caused more damage, or the swelling he has suffered is affecting some of his nerves.

Toadie went into surgery but his future hangs in the balance.

DigitalSpy wrote a “Neighbours” insider teased: “As Toadie and his family deal with the fallout from the accident, lots of questions will be asked and Naomi will find herself under particular pressure when she realises that she might be liable for what happened. Will the Rebecchis look into possible legal action?”

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