‘Neighbours’ 2015 Spoilers: Kyle Commits to Amy? Tyler Hides from His Father

Tyler tries to get away from his father Russell in tonight’s (Aug. 13) episode of “Neighbours” on Channel 5.

According to DigitalSpy, Russell will get a less harmonious reception from his sons.

Tyler will leave town and will end up at the Men’s Shed but Karl will find him. Karl asks him why he doesn’t want to go back to his brothers’ place. Tyler refuses to answer. Karl suspects it may be because of their father’s presence.

Aaron turns down a bar from his father and is furious with his brother Mark for inviting him. Mark defends himself and says he simply asked his father’s advice on how to deal with Tyler.

Meanwhile, Nell suffers from separation anxiety over the loss of her beloved teddy bear.

Since Toadie and Sonya worry that this may cause problem when Nell starts school, Kyle arranges an impromptu memorial service to help Nell cope with the loss of her teddy.

The service will be proven to be effective to Nell and Amy is grateful to Kyle. She will give him a hug but the embrace lasts too long and they will suddenly become aware of the connection between them.

These scenes air tonight at 17:30 BST on Channel 5.

On “Neighbours” next week, Tyler will finally tell Karl about what’s going on between him and his father. Tyler remains reluctant to forgive Russell and refuses to attend a family barbecue, Radar Times wrote.

Russell accompanies Aaron and Mark to a LGBT fundraiser at the Waterhole. Aaron will also perform at cougar night next week along with Josh.

Paul advises Kyle not to be too close with Jimmy if he is not ready to commit to Amy.

Amy, on the other hand, will accept Paulʼs job offer. However, according to Radar Times, she will commit a major email mistake that forces her to resign when she discovers the damage it caused.

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