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NCIS Season 14: What Michael Weatherly Misses the Most - Aussie Network News
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NCIS Season 14: What Michael Weatherly Misses the Most

NCIS Season 14: What Michael Weatherly Misses the Most



Actor Michael Weatherly longs for the show he has been with for the last 13 years, and he will definitely miss the happenings in the upcoming NCIS Season 14.

The actor left NCIS after Season 13 to play a lead role in another CBS show, Bull. While busy with his current gig, Weatherly clearly misses his days as Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo in NCIS. In the show, Dinozzo left his team after the love of his life, Ziva, died from a terror attack and left him with a child.

Weatherly recently shared on Twitter a video of his time in NCIS.  The clip shows the ever-charming agent playing a game inside an interrogation room and a suspect asked him if he has a question.

Who will not miss that?

Weatherly previously revealed what he will really miss in NCIS. ” … my relationship really was with this guy named Tony DiNozzo. I spent a lot of hours with him and we’ll see if I miss him after a while, but I think I will. I liked him. He had a really great puppyish sense of fun and adventure and optimism and yes,” he said.

People magazine reported that Weatherly is also missing the schedule that has become his life for more than a decade. Is he missing Gibb’s head slap too? What do you think?

Let us know if you will miss NCIS Agent Dinozzo in NCIS Season 14. Watch his sweet NCIS exit video below

Meanwhile, Weatherly’s Bull is set to premiere on September 20 at 9pm EST on CBS.

The actor will play Dr Jason Bull, which is based on the life and career of Dr. Phil McGraw. The show is inspired by Dr. McGraw during his time as head of a successful trial consulting service. Dr. Bull heads a company that analyzes juries to help lawyers develop their defense strategies. Like Weatherly’s character in NCIS, Bull also has the charisma that makes him very attractive to women.

Bull also stars Freddy Rodriguez, Geneva Carr and Chris Jackson.

NCIS Season 14 is scheduled to premiere on September 20 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

  • Bellz Webster

    I wish you well Michael in your new adventures in acting. I do hope that one day, if NCIS’s popularity keeps going, that you will return with Tahlia. Palmer and Breena have Victoria and Breena could babysit. Tony could return to work.