NCIS Season 14 is already two episodes in. Fans of the show have had to cope with the departure of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, who was played by actor Michael Weatherly. Members of the cast also needed to adjust, and the two series newcomers who filled the void are under scrutiny. Just how well are Agents Torres and Quinn fitting in and could the series survive without DiNozzo?

Series veteran Sean Murray, who plays Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee, thinks that the new cast members are having a positive effect. “I had a scene last week that was pretty much the characters together for the first time, getting to know each other. And that to me is where it can make or break it…we’re having a lot of fun, and it’s gelling right, it feels good,” he told FOX News.

As expected, NCIS Season 14 opened with the introduction of the two new faces. Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was faced with the dilemma of finding a new agent to complete his team. After rejecting several potential candidates, Gibbs is confronted by Alex Quinn (Jennifer Esposito), the woman who trains and sends him the agents. Gibbs tells her that he wants a perfect fit, and asks her to follow his team around so that she can see what kind of people he’s looking for.

Meanwhile, the team investigates the attempted murder of a Navy officer and the unfortunate death of her husband in the process. It turns out, she is the sister of undercover NCIS agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

Torres returns to the United States, after his cover is blown in Argentina. He works with Gibbs’ team, in an effort to pin down his sister’s attacker. He turns out to be the man he’s been investigating in Buenos Aires. The case is successfully closed after Torres and the NCIS team conduct an operation and catch the suspect and his son in the middle of another attempted assassination.

Gibbs eventually offers him a permanent position in the team. He also extends the invitation to Quinn, who eagerly accepts the opportunity to put her knowledge to practical use on the field.

NCIS Season 14 airs every Tuesday at 8:00 pm ET on CBS.