The “NCIS” Season 14 finale was included in CBS’ list of shows with the biggest cliffhangers, along with other networks’ TV series.

According to CBS, the major reason why this American TV series was included in the list is the sudden leave of Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzio.

The report stated that the whole team must be able to move on without his presence in the office. They have to carry out the tasks in the next season without him.

It might be a bit sad for fans watching “NCIS” Season 14 without this very important man in the series. However, he said, “I’ve had the most extraordinary journey and ride.”

This meant his time has come to let go of this series, and such was announced in January this year.

“It’s been a hugely gratifying and awesome experience and I pray that when I’m in my old folks rest home — which is only a few years from now — that I will look back on these 300 episodes,” he continued.

He also expressed his thoughts for fans who have been watching “NCIS” for the whole 13 seasons.

“I’m really most impressed with the audience who found this show and the fans all around the world who love these characters,” he added.

Cinema Blend reported that one amazing thing he won’t ever forget as an actor is being able to be present and be part of the extraordinary American TV dramatic police procedural television series “NCIS”.

Michael Weatherly, who played Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzio of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, made the announcement in early January 2016.

Due to his departure, the “NCIS” Season 14 finale became one of the top 10 American TV shows with the biggest cliffhangers.

According to the list made by CBS,  the “NCIS” cliffhanger came along with those of other TV shows like the following:

“The Big Bang Theory”

Will Penny finally win over her mother-in-law?

How will Howard and Bernadette prepare for impending parenthood?

How will Raj deal with his love triangle?

“Madam Secretary”

Will Bess accept her new position?


Will Bonnie’s relationship with Adam stand the test of distance?

“The Odd Couple”

Can Emily and Felix handle a three-month separation?

“Criminal Minds”

Will the BAU catch the 13 serial killers who escaped from prison?


Will Walter and Paige take their relationship to the next level?


What will Morland do as the new head of Moriarty’s syndicate?

These American TV series cliffhangers would be answered in their next seasons. “NCIS” Season 14 would be one of them.