This week on NCIS Los Angeles Season 8, Episode 4 is titled Black Market. The team tracks down the motive behind the poisoning of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agent while Hetty is still busy trying to locate the mole in the department. Meanwhile, Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) continues to take over from Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah).

Department of Homeland Security agent Jessie Evans was poisoned with a laced drink at an upscale party in Malibu. The NCIS Los Angeles team tries to find the people behind his murder. Through the venue’s security cameras, they trace the poison to triad assassin Ming Wah.

Eric Beale eventually tracks her down to a warehouse which has been leased to her deceased former boss. She used to be a hit woman for Triad leader Zhang Kui.

Nell partners with Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) again in the absence of Kensi. She is still in a coma following a helicopter crash during a mission in Syria.

Nell and Deeks are joined on the field by Agents G. Caallen (Chris O’Donnell and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J). They find a warehouse filled with counterfeit purses and manage to capture one of the men in the warehouse. He turns out to be Zhang Kui.

His death was apparently staged and he managed to get help from the Chinese government in  order to enter the United States. He has since been running a massive business by smuggling counterfeit goods.

After some interrogation, Zhang Kiu reveals that he had been able to operate in the US with some help from someone inside the DHS. After some digging through personnel records, the team narrows down the list to an agent named Donna Merritt. She was given away largely by her impressive bank account.

When they try to visit Merritt at home, the NCIS Los Angeles agents find Ming Wah shot dead. They also figure out that Merritt had been double-crossing the Triad. Aside from helping then, she had also been siphoning funds and running her own counterfeit operations.

They track her down to the DHS headquarters where she had been hiding her illegal contraband in plain sight. The team manages to arrest her, along with Triad members who showed up to try to kill her.

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With the case practically sorted and the perpetrators in jail, the team heads back to headquarters. Nell voices her concern about Kensi when she learns that Granger is already looking for a replacement. Granger encourages her to continue to do a good job on the field in order to honor her injured friend.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Deeks is still desperately waiting for Kensi to wake up so that he could propose properly. Hetty takes over night duties so that he could rest. For the first time, Kensi shows some improvement after she responds to Hetty’s command to squeeze her hand.

Could Kensi finally be on the road to recovery? Find out when NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 returns next Sunday at 8:00 pm on CBS.

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