NBA Trade: Tristan Thompson to Sit Out Season for More Money?

Facebook/Tristan Thompson

The deadlock between Tristan Thompson and Cleveland Cavaliers is here to stay. There has been no forwarding agreements on either side and the communication is at a standstill. Experts are now saying that Thompson may opt to sit out this season and possibly receive better offers next year.

The Cavaliers and Thompson have yet to sign a deal with just weeks away from the start of the NBA 2015-2016 season. Thompson’s teammate and Cavs superstar, Lebron James, has already expressed his dissatisfaction on the issue treating it as a distraction. LBJ revealed that he has been in close contact with the Canadian athlete throughout the negotiations.

“Its’s basically more on a personal level, asking him how he’s doing and if his mind is right and things of that nature. There’s a lot of things much bigger than basketball, even though I know we would love to be here right now and we would love to have him here, but I kind of stray away from that,” quoted James saying.

There are few options for the power forward which shall prove to be financially beneficial for him, notes Fox Sports.

Sources believe that he might be executing one his plans to hold out and see the contract numbers come in par with his age and skills. Another option is to sit out the entire season which could bring him more money.

By next year, clubs will have enough cap size to rope in the star forward, with numbers racking up as high as $33 million, 24-year-old Thompson will remain a restricted free agent till the summer of 2016. By then, nearly 20-plus clubs will be available to make him an offer.

The Cavs are not budging from their offer of $80 million for a maximum period of five years while Thomson has been associated with the Phoenix for a while now. There are still all sorts of speculations making the rounds and the negotiations between Thomson’s current club and him, are heading in the wrong direction, sources state.

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