According to reports, basketball player Russell Westbrook does not want the Oklahoma City Thunder to trade him this offseason. Although Westbrook does not know where he is headed in 2017 as a free agent, the 27-year-old still wants to play this coming season with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, many say that this is simply hearsay. Apparently, Russell Westbrook is actually not willing to work with Thunder again and would rather move to the next step of his career.

For some, this may seem that the basketball player is retiring but Westbrook insists he still wants to work with Thunder. Sports Illustrated also confirms that OKC is not interested in trading Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook

Facebook/Russell Westbrook

The Thunder hopes that they could extend Westbrook’s contract with them. Since he is expected to become a free agent next year, this could mean that Westbrook has to consider all of his options before making drastic decisions about signing an extension with the Thunder, ESPN reports.

This may result to Westbrook leading the team. However, it is also unlikely that his contract extension would mean he would get to play this role.

Westbrook does not dream of taking over the team.  He has no problems being a team player, just like when Kevin Durant was still part of the team.

Westbrook is also expected to deal with the problems associated with being part of a free agency. It turns out that being a free agent is not really free. Being a free agent could also pose some problems to Westbrook as his options could be limited.

Westbrook would not be able to make a move to a championship team like Kevin Durant did, according to CBS Sports. Moreover, no one could also be able to acquire Westbrook without removing some players in their own roster.