The Miami Heat has made it clear that they want Kevin Durant. The team is also planning to give Hassan Whiteside a max contract and keep Dwyane Wade satisfied with what’s left.

NBC Sports said that the Miami Heat wants Kevin Durant, and they will get him in the same way they got Chris Bosh and LeBron James a few years ago. For other teams, Durant is not a practical wish but it seems a possible big shot for the Heat.

Wade would end up with a smaller pay in case Durant decides to move to Miami or if Whiteside re-signs with them. Wade is said to lose $74 million if Durant will be offered max contract and $47 million if Whiteside will be given the max deal. Wade is reportedly not after the money only because he wants the team to win and he is willing to have other players who can help him get the championship.

It is almost sure that Kevin Durant will stay with Oklahoma if they will successfully get to the championships. Miami Heat would be so adamant at getting Durant that they will be willing to trade Goran Dragic just to get the former.

Chris Bosh’s medical condition makes it uncertain when the player will be able to return to the floor. Kevin Durant will most probably go to a team that has a higher possibility of getting into the finals. The Golden State Warriors is a great team while Boston Celtics’ edge is a good support group. Meanwhile, there is a possibility of Heat losing Bosh or Dragic.

Hall of Fame Mag says that the San Antonio Spurs and the Atlanta Hawks are also clamoring for Kevin Durant. Miami Heat should then have to make up their mind in creating their lineup before deciding to get Durant into the team. They should also decide if getting Durant will be worth the risk of getting the team blown up.