Rumors are circulating that the Chicago Bulls team is planning to trade-off point guard Derrick Rose for a topnotch player in the upcoming NBA Draft. This is mainly because of Rose’s poor performance in the previous season.

Movie News Guide said that the team became the center of NBA trade rumors after not making it into the playoffs. The Bulls finished ninth in the Eastern Conference with a disappointing 42-40 record.

The players of the team reportedly suffered multiple injuries, specifically their star players who were expected to lead them to recovery.

Derrick Rose became a candidate for trade because of a performance that was greatly affected by his injuries. The player is also reported to have plans on becoming a free agent.

According to Gospel Herald, the team plans to get Kris Dunn of Providence College. Since other teams could be interested in Dunn, the Bulls are already thinking of a plan to secure the player.

Sources say that if the team will not get Dunn, it will trade Rose just to get the player. It would be surprising for the Bulls to do this because Rose shone in his career when he joined the team. However, through the years, Rose sustained various injuries that prevented him from getting into the floor. Rose was not so helpful for the Bulls this season.

Rose’s injuries started in 2011 when he tore his ACL and had to undergo surgery. In 2013, his meniscus was torn, which also required another surgery. The next year, he also needed to have knee surgery and had to stay away from the game for most of the seasons.

Jimmy Butler, the present Chicago Bulls star player, is also attracting other teams. However, there is a strong possibility that Butler will not be given up by the team.