NBA trade rumors suggest Russell Westbrook is on the trading plate for Oklahoma City Thunder. After Kevin Durant used his free agent card to leave OKC for the Golden State Warriors, OKC are now wondering if Westbrook will follow suit.

With a year still left under OKC, NBA trade rumors the franchise is not waiting for Westbrook’s free agency option. Instead, OKC may jump the gun before or even during the season to cash in on one of their elite players. While this is a risky move for the Oklahoma City Thunder, it is one that can guarantee them profit. Instead of losing Russell Westbrook for nothing next year, OKC is well poised to gain from the trade off.

NBA trade rumors Boston Celtics is the team looking to make a deal with OKC for Russell Westbrook. Looking at their signing results, Boston Celtics believe that patience is a virtue. Boston Celtics approaches the next season with Al Horford, no. 3 draft pick Jaylen Brown and controversial pick Ante Zizic in their roster. With this team, the Celtics will conquer the upcoming season with a well-balanced team of experienced and young blood.

By adding Russell Westbrook, Boston Celtics may finally appease fans who were disappointed with the team’s NBA draft 2016 decisions.

Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook’s statistics spell great times ahead for any team that will get him. Coming off the 2015-2016 season, he created an of average 23.5 points, 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds. He has also maintained an MVP-worthy playing style, Bleacher Report notes.

However, these statistics will make it hard for the Oklahoma City Thunder to let go of their elite player. If OKC is to make the trade, it might spell disaster for their upcoming season. Thus, between losing the season and profiting from Westbrook through a trade, it is a lose-lose scenario for OKC.

Meanwhile, as Westbrook enters the last year of his contract, he has nothing to fear come his free agency year. NBA trade rumors also suggest even if Boston Celtics do not get him this year, the patient team may still sign Westbrook up with a deal next year. Aside from Celtics, there is also the Los Angeles Lakers looking out for Westbrook to come back home and lead the young team back to victory.