After the hype of the NBA Draft 2016, NBA trade rumors Pau Gasol may be looking to move to either the New York Knicks or the San Antonio Spurs. NBA trade rumors are stirring things up in the league after free agency players make their move.

Pau Gasol has officially informed the Chicago Bulls he will not be using his player option to extend his contract. The Spanish center has officially declined his $7.7 million contract extension and is looking for a move. Though he has yet to clarify if money was a concern, ESPN reports Pau Gasol’s options range from the New York Knicks to San Antonio Spurs.

NBA trade rumors Pau Gasol’s move to New York Knicks will depend on two factors. First up, Gasol is close with New York Knicks president Phil Jackson. Jackson has also coached Gasol during the center’s stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Phil (Jackson) and Pau are very close and the Knicks pursued him in 2014,” ESPN’s Ian Begley noted.

Former teammate Derrick Rose’s trade to the New York Knicks is another factor that might persuade Pau to move. Aside from Jackson, a familiar face may do well to help Pau get into the rhythm with the New York Knicks.

Meanwhile, news of Pau Gasol moving to the San Antonio Spurs first surfaced in late April. Pau Gasol has remarked that while Tim Duncan of the Spurs is looking to retire, Gasol might fill the position he leaves.

Gasol then said, “It’s an interesting option.” Bleacher Report identifies the possible move as more fitting for the 35-year old. Citing his team player skills and good rim defense, Pau Gasol has the perfect combination of skills that the San Antonio Spurs needs.

However, the 35-year old may also see this move as his last as the injuries keep piling up.

“Couldn’t bend my knee to a certain degree. Then it pinched. That was a big part of it. Now the pounding of play with the fluid and the games and the schedule and the minutes, I don’t know. A little bit of everything I guess,” Gasol remarked of his playing condition.

While NBA trade rumors Pau Gasol’s move will likely be to either team, negotiations won’t happen today. Teams may start wooing free agency players starting July 1, no earlier than 12:01 AM. Teams can officially sign them on July 7.