NBA Trade Rumors: No Team Wants Ty Lawson After Arrest?

As the NBA Summer League continues for the newbies in the league, so does the trade talks for veteran players. While some of the top NBA stars have already been traded, there are still a few left that fans are looking to be moved. One of which is Ty Lawson.

The point guard seems to be a top priority trade for the Denver Nuggets even as early as last season. However, after some major off-court drama, the problematic player may have to sit it out with the Nuggets again for the simple reason that no one wants his baggage in their team.

According to Bleacher Report, Lawson was arrested for suspicion of DUI. This is the second arrest of the 5’11 player from North Carolina this year. Earlier in January, Lawson already arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Yahoo! noted that even prior to his arrest there was “little to no interest” for the guard. With his current issues, it is unlikely any team in the NBA would like him in their roster.

Adrian Wojnarowski also confirmed these reports on Twitter, posting “Few teams had Ty Lawson trade interest, but were waiting on Denver to lower cost. His value’s cratered now. He needs to deal w/ his issues.”

And if that isn’t enough, Colorado prosecutors are pushing for Lawson to be required to use an alcohol monitoring device, ESPN noted.

“Prosecutors now are asking a judge to require him to use a device, such as an ankle bracelet or a home breath tester, that monitors the body for alcohol,” the site explained.

A jude will decide the fate of the athlete as he faces a court hearing on Friday.

Ty Lawson’s stats prove promising for any team in the NBA. He had an average of 15.2 ppg, 9.6 assists and 3.1 rebounds last season with the Nuggets. While he could be a good addition to any team, most think he needs to settle his personal issues first.

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