Miami Heat seems bent on trading Mario Chalmers even after one of his best seasons yet last year.

Chalmers has been a Heat point guard since he was drafted by the team in 2008, but it seems Miami wants him off next season’s roster and for understandable reasons. The 29-year-old athlete is set to receive $4.3 million next season if he stays with Miami and this means over-the-top luxury taxes for the team.

“Miami appears intent on trying to purge the final year of his contract; his $4.3 million salary could result in a tax bill three times that amount, depending on the Heat’s final payroll number,” Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald noted.

With Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic back in the team, and with Justise Winslow being drafted 10th overall, there’s little room for Chalmers in the team. Yes, he can be a good backup for Dragic on the one-spot, but with Wade and Winslow having great passing and ball handling skills, the Heat can survive without a “natural” point guard on the floor when Dragic is on the bench.

Not to mention Shabazz Napier’s assist digits (2.5 per game) are not too far from Chalmer’s 3.8 a game, and could still grow in NBA 2015-16 season if given more minutes.

“[Napier’s] ball-handling has been very good in Summer League (10 assists, three turnovers) and he has played with pace, something important considering the Heat’s desire to play faster,” Jackson noted.

Rio averaged 10.2 points, 3.8 assists and 2.6 rebounds last season. And while these are good numbers, “that’s production the Heat can get elsewhere,” notes the Bleacher Report.

“With the financial benefits of moving on from Chalmers, that gives the Heat plenty of incentive to deal him elsewhere, a likely outcome,” added the site.