The latest NBA trade rumor involves Nerlens Noel. According to reports, the Los Angeles Lakers may acquire Noel from the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers could reach an agreement with Los Angeles Lakers this offseason.  Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders says that the Lakers already have someone in mind to trade for but that target remains unnamed.

However, it’s very likely that Nerlens Noel  is the one Lakers is looking for. Silver Screen and Roll states that Noel’s salary will match Lakers’ $13 million-dollar salary cap. Noel is a good candidate if Lakers is looking for someone who can provide rim protection for one season and at the same time keep the space cap open for the following years.

Fansided further says that the deal could also benefit the Philadelphia 76ers. Apparently, the Sixers have a frontcourt that needs clearing up, and it could only be done by offering Noel to the Lakers.

However, some argue that the potential trade involving Noel could face some problems. Fansided says that the problem lies with what Lakers would offer in return.

Sixers fans would not take anything less than  D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram or Jordan Clarkson for Noel. Still, it’s unlikely that the Lakers will do that type of a deal.

“The tough part would be figuring out what the Lakers would offer in return. It really seems like Sixers fans wouldn’t take anything less than Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell, or Jordan Clarkson for Noel, but there is no way the Lakers will do that type of a deal. Although the fans don’t run the team by any means, Bryan Colangelo has shown that he’s not going to be handing out his big men for nothing, and he seems to be overvaluing them a bit given the current market for big men,” points out Fansided.