NBA Trade Rumors: JR Smith Still No Team; Cavaliers Won’t Sign Him Back?

JR Smith should’ve taken his player option and stuck it out with the Cavaliers. Now, he’s still a Free Agent.

It’s been weeks since the off-season NBA trade started but Smith is still without a team. The guard who was part of the Cleveland Cavaliers championship bid the past 2014-15 NBA season but failed to the hands of the Golden State Warriors, hasn’t found the right deal for his expertise.

The 6’6 player seemingly thought that his performance with the Cavs was enough for a long-term deal with the team, so instead of keeping his one year $6.4 million deal he opted for Free Agency with hopes Cleveland will offer him a longer, bigger deal.

But it seems the Eastern Conference champions didn’t see eye-to-eye with him.

While he had impressive numbers during the Playoffs, JR fell flat during the championship series and was barely a presence.

After posting 12.7 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists on 42.5% field goal percentage in 46 regular season games with the Cavaliers, he only had 11.5 points in 31.2% of shooting and 1.0 assists during the Finals. He also shot just under 30% in the three point arc.

According to, the team is looking for another option for the two-spot. And if ever the Cavs decide to sign the player back next season, it would be far less than the $6.4 million he turned his back on. Pro Basketball Talk explains why.

The site reveals that since Cleveland is way over their salary cap, every dollar offered to Smith will mean outrageous luxury tax for the team.

“The reason is they are deep into the luxury tax and every dollar now spent on Smith multiplies because tax — a $4 million contract for Smith adds $14 million to the Cavaliers tax. That’s $18 million next year for J.R. Smith. You can see why the Cavaliers are hesitant,” Pro Basketball Talk explains.

Will JR Smith sign for less with the Cavaliers or will he transfer to his third team in two seasons is yet to be seen. Stay tuned.

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