As the 2016-2017 NBA season approaches, basketball teams are looking for players to finalize their rosters. Based on the latest rumor, Los Angeles Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson and Philadelphia 76ers’ Jahlil Okafor are among the players who may be involved in a trade. According to reports, this swap could be beneficial to both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Apparently, trading Jahlil Okafor could help the Philadelphia 76ers balance out their team and improve their backcourt this coming 2016-2017 season. The Lakers are not the only team rumored to take an interest in the 20-year-old as other NBA  teams are also believed to be willing to acquire Okafor, including the Boston Celtics.

Considering that the Los Angeles Lakers bid farewell to Kobe Bryant, the clear choice they could make is to look for a long-term player who will rebuild the team. Okafor could just be the player they are looking for.


We also keep hearing about the trade involving Jordan Clarkson but it should be kept in mind that the player is not available until December because he recently re-signed a four-year $50 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers in July. In an interview, Clarkson shares that he is pleased to have signed the deal.

“It felt really good just to get it done early so I could get back to my offseason workouts and start preparing with my team for the upcoming season,” Clarkson says. “That was probably the best part about it. At the same time, staying in LA and bringing this franchise back to what it was is important to me.”

Clarkson was also asked about what he has been doing to adapt under Luke Walton, the new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. He says that he is preparing as much as he can to expand his game and be able to go off-the-dribble more.