It seems Australian NBA breakout star Matthew Dellavedova will be finding a new home in the league as reports say the Cavaliers find his price to steep.

There are claims that Dellavedova — aka Delly — is asking for US$4 million a season from the Cleveland Cavaliers. But given his experience and tenure in the league, people find this figure too high. “He could be pricing himself out of staying at the Cavaliers,” Fox Sports Australia notes.

According to expert Chris Haynes, even though Delly proved to be a big help in the Cavs bid for the 2015 NBA Championship, his asking price is too high. Especially since the guard will now be third option for the one-spot with Cleveland signing Mo Williams. The veteran player sealed a one year deal with the team for $4.3 million, almost the same as Delly’s.

“That’s not $4 million over two years, that’s $4 million per year, correct? Oh, man. Look, Dellavedova made himself a household name in the play-offs. But even with the salary cap spike, I don’t know if he’s worth $4 million,” Haynes said, as quoted by Fox Sports AU.

“I really do think there are a number of point guards, even marginal point guards, in the league that could have stepped up and tried to play the kind of serviceable role that Delly did last year. I think $4 million, I’d be very surprised if he got that.”

Playing 67 games with the Cavaliers the past regular season, the Australian only scored an average of 4.3 points and 3.0 assists. He stepped during the playoffs with 7.2 points per game, but only had 2.7 assists. He scored his highest 20 points in the Cavs last win for the NBA finals.

“You’re talking about paying your third point guard $4 million a year…that doesn’t make much sense,” Haynes added.

Yibada reports that the Los Angeles Lakers could try acquiring the guard for a more reasonable deal of around $2.8 million. Meanwhile, Cavs Sports Talk revealed that the Portland Trailblazers are also looking to offer the player a contract.