NBA Trade Rumors: Bulls Wants Derrick Rose Out? No Teams Want Injured Player?

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The Jimmy Butler-Derrick Rose feud seems to be out in the open. Sources suggest that both of them have difference of opinion professionally. Butler, who considered Rose to be the face of the franchise, isn’t very happy with DRose’s work ethics, suggesting he is “not busting his butt in practice everyday”, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

Rose has suffered a fracture to his orbital bone and left his eyes sensitive to light, prompting him to stay out of action until next week, reported Fox Sports.

In light of recent events, notes that the emergence of Butler and the new coach of the Bulls offers the possibility of trading point guard Derrick Rose. While the controversy took shape, NBA had expert commentators to throw light on shipping Rose or his possible stay with the Bulls.

This is what some of the experts had to say:

Steve Aschburner, At $20 million this season and $21 million next season, given his injury history, I’m not sure there’s a trade market for Rose.

Fran Blinebury, Jimmy Butler got his payday and I’m happy for him. But let’s not confuse his overall talent with a healthy Derrick Rose. Here in early October, it’s time for everyone to take a deep breath and relax. If I’m the Bulls, I don’t want to send Rose any place except back out onto the court at the United Center.

Scott Howard-Cooper, This is not the time to trade Derrick Rose.

Shaun Powell, I’d give Rose another year to reinvent himself into more of a passing point guard and swallow his pride and learn to yield to Butler and Pau Gasol more often in tight games.

John Schuhmann, First of all, good luck finding a team that’s willing to take on the $41.4 million left on Rose’s contract, given his injury history. His deal will be more palatable after this season, which is when the Bulls should reevaluate.

Sekou Smith, The Bulls and Derrick Rose both need to take a step back and see where this season takes them before worrying about a potential split.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: If I was Chicago, I’d be willing to move Rose, but I just don’t know who you get back who can match what Rose brings. And there are a few teams in major markets — Brooklyn, Boston, New York, the Lakers — who probably wouldn’t mind adding another superstar to their mix.

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